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ACE  supplies SCAE training for your coffee makers at Level 1 and Level 2. What is SCAE? This is the Specialty Coffee Association Europe. An organization with the goal to promote the quality of coffee. This international organization has an education programme for everyone who is part of the coffee industry or wants to be, and doing that on a higher level. They organize conferences, exhibitions, championships and training programmes. These training programmes are offered in The Netherlands, by a handful of institutes. The most wanted and offered programmes are Level 1, SCAE Basic Barista, and Level 2, SCAE Barista. 

ACE  has his own training facility and is SCAE Level 1 and Level 2 qualifier.

Until recently a Barista was just a coffee maker. These days Baristas not only know how to make a great coffee but also know the workings of the coffee industry, they know the difference in beans, the trade, history, roasting, and brewing methods. They have become coffee experts, instead of just coffee makers. The Barista Championships make that more clear. Baristas make their coffee with their personal blends, explaining why that specific blend is perfect for their “perfect” espresso and cappuccino. Or in the espresso bars, where Baristas explain to customers about their coffees, offer different blends, instead of one kind of blend. SCAE qualification is a quality signature, by international standards. A SCAE certified Barista knows how to make a perfect coffee, and his/her skills and knowledge are approved and secured.

Would you like to join a SCAE training and test? Or do you want your staff to qualify? ACE can do that, at our own location in Amsterdam or in-house. Call or mail us for costs and joining and check the calender for data.

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