Everything for your event is taken care of; location, equipment, theme, champagne, snacks, dinner, but…

That coffee, that could be better?! Coffee does not need to be a must have. On the contrary.

ACE has the solution. With our flexibel coffeebar, our team of Baristas, or a single Barista, big or small coffee machines, inside or outside. We take care of it. We make coffees at a bbq, birthday party, staff outing, volleyball tournament, in your exhibition stand, and all other kinds of parties and occasions. For every budget, we have a solution.

All types and variaties we can handle, because of our flexible solutions. Every party or event, has it’s own completion, wishes and demands. Buying is a possibility, but also sharing (commercial) risks. Do you want to pay an fixed price for a performance, or don’t you have a clue off how many coffees you will make? Are you looking for a partner that takes care of the coffee catering at rental price? No problem for us, we help you, and together we get a workable deal for all parties.

We also arrange workshops. Barista workshops, Latte Art workshops, together we can fill in the details. We do this for consumers, companies and organizations, and at our location, or any location you want.

Call or mail us with your questions, wishes and/or demands, and in a personal interview we can fill in the the right details and solution.


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